Phone Numbers Address Court Hours
Probate Court: 419.354.9230
County Offices: 419.354.9000
Fax: 419.354.9357
Second Floor
One Courthouse Square
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Monday - Friday:
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
(Except Legal Holidays)
What We Do
This court handles all filings and hearings for the admission of wills, the administration of estates, applications for and administration of guardianships and conservatorships, adult protective services actions, administration of mental illness cases, adoptions, name changes, minor settlement cases, and wrongful death cases. Additionally, this court issues marriage licenses.
What's New
The United States Postal Service has increased certified mail costs to $6.40 per mailing. This fee will be asssessed to all cases where notice in this manner is required or requested.

The Supreme Court of Ohio has adopted new or amended Standard Probate Forms which are effective March 1, 2014. These include amended real estate transfer Forms 12.0 and 12.1, newly adopted disinterment Forms 25.0-25.6, and newly adopted foreign adoption forms 19.2 and 19.3. These can be found on the Probate Forms page under the applicable section. Please discard the any old form you have an begin using the new.

If you would like to have Wood County Probate Court news and updates delivered directly to your e-mail inbox, contact Jennifer Robeson at 419-354-9234.

The 18.3 Consent to Adoption form has been modified and is available on the Forms page under the Adoptions section. The content of the form remains roughly the same; formatting adjustments were made so that language regarding waiver of notice is more prominent. Attorneys/parties are asked to use this form and discard any old forms they may have.

The Statement to Fiduciaries form, which is sent to every fiduciary in a full administration upon appointment, has been updated to remove outdated language. This form summarizes a fiduciary's responsibilities and contains a list of suggested attorney fees. As an internal form, it is not posted on the website; however, anyone wishing to see the updated form may contact the Court for a copy.

House Bill 27, passed in March 2013, addresses transferring a guardianship case from state to state. In response to this, forms have been developed which may be used to initiate an interstate transfer. These are available of the Probate Forms page under the Guardianship heading and Transfers: State to State subheading.

Effective immediately, Wood County Probate Court will charge a $2.00 fee for notarizing documents pursuant to ORC 2303.20(N). This is in addition to any filing fee required for the document. This fee will not be waived in cases of indigent guardianships and must be paid by the person requiring notary services. Further, the Court will also charge $2.00 for use of the fax machine plus $1.00 for every page trasmitted pursuant to 2303.20(Y).

The Court operates a Volunteer Guardian Program and is accepting applications from citizens who wish to act as volunteer guardians to adults in our community. Interested individuals should complete and submit the following application to this Court:Volunteer Guardian Application
Legal Disclaimer
The information provided in this web site is a time sensitive copy of certain records and may not reflect the most recent updates to the actual records. The Wood County Probate Court shall not be liable for losses or damages resulting from errors, omissions, or discrepancies in these records. The official records are located in the Wood County Probate Court, second floor of the Wood County Court House, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402.
The Wood County Probate Court personnel are prohibited by law to provide legal advice or assist in filling out forms.